Apply to IEEE 2022 Vevo Research Award

The IEEE Special Research Award is a unique award category open to those individuals that will be attending the IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium in Venice, Italy October 10-13,2022.

This award is a beamforming and image reconstruction challenge where participating individuals will be provided channel data sets acquired from the Vevo F2 VADA mode. These sets were obtained from multi-angle planewave transmits with both a 20 MHz and 40 MHz probe. This is an opportunity to show your skills in reconstructing anatomical data to maximize image quality while optimizing how much data is used.

Due date: August 19, 2022.
Financial award of $500 USD. Applicants are required to be present at IEEE 2022 for an in-booth presentation.

Individuals are not limited in the number of submissions, but each applicant can only receive one award.

Fill out the form to get more information and access to the data sets.

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